To best meet your needs as a dental professional, the Orqual Group works with a number of partners to offer you practical, innovative features to integrate into your software.

logo dental monitoring

Dental Monitoring

Retrieve patient scans directly from Orthalis, automatically manage appointments between Orthalis and DM

logo spark


Orthalis is the first orthodontic software in France to offer a gateway to Spark aligners;

logo doctolib


Orthalis has developed a gateway with Doctolib. This means you benefit from complete interfacing between the two solutions.

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logo 3shape


Access your 3Shape space linked to Orthalis for ultra-fast exchanges between the two solutions

logo invisalign


We've been working with Invisalign for many years to offer you a complete gateway designed with you in mind.

logo onyxceph


Digital set-up software for making in-office aligners

logo plusagenda


For simplified management of your schedule and appointment booking on Orthalis, and the possibility of outsourcing your telephone calls.

logo notez-nous

Rate us

Send personalized forms to your patients after their appointment. Collect their feedback and manage their publication on Google.

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logo angelaligner

Angel Aligner

We work with Angel Aligners to offer you a unique gateway to Orthalis

logo desmos


Formerly known as ODS, DESMOS is a management software package for dental centers and multi-purpose health centers. It is used with Orthalis in orthodontic practice.

logo orthomoov


Orthomoov is a dental prosthesis laboratory. Its gateway allows you to be directly connected to Orthalis for easier ordering.

logo maidis


Maidis is management software for dental centers and multi-purpose health centers. It is used with Orthalis in orthodontic practice.

logo nutislab


Access the online ordering platform for all your orthodontic treatments, track and receive notifications for your orders in real time.

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Radio gateways

All our radio gateways are free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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