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Dentapoche is the must-have mobile application for dental practices and their patients! It provides a permanent link between dental practices, their patients and correspondents.

The application is constantly evolving to offer you even more new features to suit your practice!

It’s an invaluable ally for the practice, helping to automate certain tasks, make patients autonomous and save time on a daily basis, thanks to the following functionalities:

– Alerts
– Appointment reminders and scheduling
– Electronic signature
– Medical questionnaires
– Online payment
– Document management
– Sending emergency photos and videoconferencing
– Patient testimonials
– Etc.

The application interfaces with Orthalis.

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fonctionnalités de l'application Dentapoche
borne d'identification

Docking station

Orqual Borne is a kiosk software for practices.

It enables independent identification of the patient on arrival. This system notifies the practitioner and assistants of the patient’s identification on Orthalis.

Its interface integrates facial recognition, QR code reading, or simply identification by date of birth.

Features include the ability to set personalized messages for different situations such as children, late payers or overdue payments.

The use of Orqual Borne saves significant time for assistants, reduces patient impatience at the reception desk, and projects a dynamic, technological image of the practice.

Orqual Save

Orqual Save is an outsourced (HADS life) data backup solution for dental practices.

It ensures the security of practitioner data in the event of a technical or viral incident, thanks to an automatic, regular backup on a hyper-secure server.

This solution offers a double set of backups of the last 24 hours, enabling rapid recovery of all administrative data required for the operation of the practice. Features include two types of backup: database backup (administrative only) and full backup (database + all photos).

Orqual Save is designed to protect and ensure business continuity in the event of data loss.

signature de documents en ligne

Orqual Sign

Cheaper than a stamp, faster than a click!

Orqual Sign is the essential tool for implementing electronic signatures in your practice.

Getting patients to sign health documents online is a time-saving way of involving them in their dental care: wherever and whenever they want, and from any device (tablet, smartphone, computer).

With Orqual Sign, data is protected, signatures are protected and legally recognized.

Less paper, more free time: to try it is to adopt it!

Kitview Smartphone

Kitview Smartphone is a mobile application that lets you manage Kitview, the digital library, directly from your smartphone.

It offers features such as photo and video shooting in free or scenario mode, the use of a barcode scanner, and the ability to scan documents with the phone’s camera.

The application also automatically imports and transfers images to the Kitview image library, with access to current cases, a comparator and similar cases.

A voice memo is also available, enabling the mobile to be used as a dictaphone and to add sound files directly to the patient’s file.

Available on iOS and Android, this solution aims to simplify the daily actions of practitioners, offering significant time savings.

kitview smartphone

SMS Mode

SMS Mode is an automatic text messaging system for dental practices.

It enables instant messages to be sent to patients, with a high open rate (> 90% within 3 minutes). This solution stores the message on the patient’s phone, making it accessible at any time.

It offers low cost, instant readout, time saving and ease of use. Features include automated appointment reminders, SMS reading reports, acknowledgement of receipt, and overdue reminders.

It connects to Orthalis for management from billing.

This solution aims to reduce appointment absenteeism and reminder costs, and to project an image of modernization and innovation for the practice.

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