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Our history

A former director of his own 150-strong international IT services company, sold in 2002, Gérard GUILLERM, a computer engineer by training, founded the Orqual Group at the same time with a group of orthodontists, creating a GIEE.
It puts its experience and know-how at the service of practitioners, offering them innovative, scalable solutions tailored to their profession.

For over 24 years, Groupe Orqual, a French IT services and software company, has been the specialist in IT solutions for healthcare professionals.

Building on its success in France, Groupe Orqual is already present in many countries and is pursuing its international expansion.

Technology & innovation
at the customer's service

On paper, when Orthalis was launched in 1999, there were 4 …

But this was just the beginning of a great adventure.

Today, with nearly 1,400 customers throughout France and abroad, 5 software programs, 2 smartphone applications, 14 developers and 50 employees, the Orqual Group has no intention of stopping there…

Why choose
the Orqual Group?

Constant innovation

The Orqual Group is focusing its development on orthodontic software.

At the service of dentists, we are working towards the complete digitization of dental practices: 0 paper, web, Cloud, 3D, digitization, imaging…

IT as a profession

Our aim is to involve all trades. So, for example, our IT specialists work in collaboration with our software publishers.

You can choose your IT specialist, giving you greater freedom in your practice!

Customizable software

Our credo: to enable you to customize the software you use to your image. Orthalis, Kitview, Dentalis: fully customizable management and imaging software.

An attentive after-sales service

On the other end of the phone, you’ll find human beings and competent people to respond to your requests for assistance: help with use, settings, 6 days a week!