The Orqual Group reveals its intelligence

AI at the service of Orqual products

With a view to saving you time at the office, by assisting you without taking over, we have developed numerous features including Artificial Intelligence in our software.

The aim: to provide you with cutting-edge tools to make time-consuming tasks faster and easier.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

You’re probably familiar with the term. AI is a technology designed to recreate or simulate human intelligence.

It’s transforming the way we work. Its primary objective is clear: to save time. By standing in for the human being, it quickly performs certain actions on his or her behalf.

It’s with this in mind that we’ve worked to integrate AI into our products, our aim being, once again, to save you time.

intelligence artificielle

AI for Orqual products

So how does this translate into our software?

We’re not here to replace you, we’re here to help you absorb the daily workload by offering hyper-practical features that include AI.

Firstly, it’s our Kitview software that uses AI to help you process your photos.

As we all know, photo management is time-consuming. For complete, organized patient records, we offer a range of photo processing functions:

  • Automatic photo classification.
  • Automatic cropping, for identical, tidy shots.
  • Anonymization (blurring of eyes).
  • Make-up to enhance the quality of a photo.

Then, in our Ceph software.

Performing cephalometry tracings can be tedious. ➡️

With this in mind, we’ve developed an intelligent feature that lets you create cephalometric tracings with just one click, thanks to Artificial Intelligence!

Points are placed automatically*, plotted and summarized directly in Kitview.

That saves precious minutes!

*You can, of course, modify the points manually to adjust the layout.

According to a survey we carried out among our customers in the summer of 2023, they spend an average of almost 5 minutes per route and make an average of almost 37 routes per month.

Would you like to find out more?

These features will be available in your practices very soon, and we hope they will make your life easier.

In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more, or if you’d like a demonstration of these future features, contact us!